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You Should Read: Isn't That Charming

I'm crap at giving book recommendations.

If I had to recommend Harry Potter to you, it would be like:

There's this kid, ok, he's like ten, wait no is he twelve? He's a July baby so I'm not sure if that helps with the school admission requirements...What school? Oh Hogwarts. Yeah it's Wizard School. Someone tried to murder him and now he's an orphan growing up with his mean Aunt and Uncle and honestly there's a bit of overuse of body weight in conveying how awful the kid Dudley is, but jeez it was a first book and it's good fun. Yeah it's a great book, you'll love it, he has to kill this two-faced wizard in a turban...no it's not racial stereotyping making the terrorist wear a turban, Quirrell's a white dude wearing a turban because he's being possessed by the Dark Lord whose face is sticking out of the back of his head so a hat just won't cut it in the disguise department. So the kid kills him with his pure hands, he's so pure that his hands like glow with purity and he burns the two-faced wizard to death, but the Dark Lord escapes because he was just possessing the guy. Yeah it has a happy ending, isn't that great?

Oh yeah it's a whole series you should totally read it!

I just can't help myself though, I'm constantly recommending books or articles, in the worst possible way. I give away endings and mangle the moral. Do you have a message you were trying to convey? I couldn't work in branding if my life depended on it. I buried your lede so deep people are wondering if I'm talking about a news article or a movie I saw when I was a kid.

I think that really sets me up to recommend some cool folks, who, through no fault of their own, I enjoy reading.

Isn't That Charming is a blog by Emily. Let me quote her About page, because it's lovely:

"I’m the founder and author of Isn’t That Charming, where I love to practice storytelling through written and visual journeys. My goal for this site is to be a bright spot in your day, celebrate women, and encourage others to seek and find creative delight. In addition to penning this blog, I’m a freelance writer, aspiring photographer, and creative consultant. Most importantly, I’m a mother and wife."

I hope she doesn't mind - her blog actually IS charming. Her pictures are creative and fun and happy. I love bloggers who give you a little bit of aspiration, but also keep the realness in there. Include some of the "outtakes" in their content. Share a bit of the struggle. She also has some good posts on blogging and how to do it better. Luckily she'll never read this and see that I'm a horribly lost cause.

All I want to do when I find a little gem, a little something fun, is tell other people HEY you should check this out!

If it's not to your taste then there's plenty of fish in the sea and chicken in the tuna can (can I get away with a horrible joke based on a reality show filmed in a far more simple time? Sure I can, no one is reading this anyway).

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