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I've been gone for a mighty long while. Honestly, I started this blog thinking I would have a creative and emotional outlet. And then it just all got too damn hard. My husband finally made it home this summer, and we've been adjusting to life with him back home.

I won't say back to normal, because we're still living through this pandemic bullshit. Despite the brightest human minds coming up with vaccines designed to save your damn life, people feel the best thing to do is get sick and possibly die. Or get sick, and get someone they love sick, and have the loved one die! Or pass it on to a whole bunch of people they don't care about, and ditto on the possible end result!

If I just offended you, then I suggest you turn back now! My husband got Covid-19 while deployed, and he was isolated in a TENT. In the summer. In the Middle East. Picture your oven when you run the self-cleaning function and you can feel that heat radiate halfway across your house. Only you're inside the oven. It was that kind of hot. While he was sick.

And he was vaccinated.

You can still have breakthroughs, friends! The difference is you are unhappy and ill, not ill and then dead. Get yourself vaccinated.


Fuck every cowardly politician out there, starting with former President Trump, who chooses to vaccinate to save their own ass but does not stand as a leader to their constituents and tell them to get vaccinated.

People dying from a (now) preventable disease is not a political stance you get to choose, because, "my body, my choice." Please step away from the pro choice rhetoric when we all know how you're voting on that issue, and start educating yourself from the medical experts who agree GLOBALLY that our best chance is to vaccinate. Do you seriously think every doctor around the globe got together in some kind of worldwide hoax?

People around the world would do anything to have the access most Americans have right now. I for one have two tiny humans and I can't wait until vaccines are approved for them. Lots of people who cannot get the vaccine due to their health would give anything to be able to get it.

To have something lifesaving in your grasp and to be all, NAH I read on Facebook there are microchips, is just the greatest condemnation of America I have ever seen.


I cannot be the only one running out of empathy either. Watching southern states fall like dominoes as they run out of ICU beds is ridiculous. It's 2021. We did this in 2020. We came up with something to prevent it ever happening again. And you don't want to.

Maybe your school was a piece of garbage and you've never heard of an iron lung before, so you're unfamiliar with how historically, it has been an on-brand American choice to eradicate a horror disease using vaccines? Hint hint, we conquered polio!

Maybe you're stuck on "what about the long term effects" because you don't realize that literally they can NEVER link any outcomes to a vaccine after about two weeks? If you get cancer in 30 years, was that a vaccine you got, the plastics leaching from your Tupperware into your sandwich, the air pollution, or just shitty luck? Guess what? You'll never know! The only way to guarantee you don't get cancer in 30 years is to die from Covid now!

So I try to feel empathy for these people, because I've been scared. I AM scared. I know what it is like to feel overloaded with horrible news. To have to try to figure out the best choice for myself, and my family. I try to have empathy for folks who don't listen to the CDC, they listen to some random person on Twitter. I try to have empathy when I hear they are begging for the vaccine on their death beds.

But my husband is going back to work at a hospital Monday, and I for one cannot believe he worked tirelessly throughout the first wave of this pandemic in 2020, facing danger not only to himself but to his family (literally, with a NEWBORN), and he's going back in in 2021 after deploying in the Middle East for almost a year, protecting the very freedom of the idiots who whine that they have the right to do whatever they want, no matter how many die as a result of their selfishness.

Because you know these same folk are the ones who are all, ugh masks, I don't like them! Wah wah, I want to go out to restaurants again! I want everything to go back to normal, I just don't want to do the one fucking thing guaranteed to do that.

Don't even get me started on how herd immunity is probably no longer a possibility because of how long we've let this drag on.

Human life is precious. Human resolve, ingenuity, and inventiveness got us this vaccine. For the love of everything you love, including, I hope, your own life, get vaccinated.

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